Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a heads-up

Spring quarter is almost here, which means the KCSB show schedule will be changing. I'm hoping for a 2 hour time slot, which may mean my show will be on a completely different day & time. I'm also thinking of renaming it. I'll still have the same format, same type of music, but it will probably look pretty different on the spring programming schedule, starting April 6th.

I'll be sure to update this blog as soon as I find out the whens & whats of the upcoming schedule change. In the meantime, I will continue to air Monday nights at 11pms.

I will be substituting a few other shows during UCSB's spring break.
  • Tuesday night, March 24th, midnight - 2am. Special theme: goth/industrial
  • Thursday morning, March 26th, 6am-8am.
As always, you can listen on 91.9fm in Santa Barbara or online at

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