Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playlist for October 28, 2009

Special Halloween edition! Also known as, the I'm-sick-with-a-cold-but-my-voice-sounds-sexy edition!

Ladytron "Miss Black"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Skeletons"
Rainbow Arabia "Haunted Hill"
Antsy Pants "Vampire"
The Embers "I Walked All Night"
The Strangeloves "I Want Candy"
* Starlight Mints "Coffins 'r' Us" (New)
Beck "Scarecrow"
Bauhaus "Terror Couple Kill Colonel"
Nouvelle Vague "Bela Lugosi's Dead"
Charlatans "Good Witch, Bad Witch"
The Unicorns "Tuff Ghost"
Spoon "The Ghost of You Lingers"
Mazzy Star "Ghost Highway"
Suicide "Ghost Rider"
Slaraffenland "Ghosts"
* Slaraffenland "Falling Out" (New)
Tom Waits "Earth Died Screaming"
Rasputina "Transylvanian Concubine"
The Chameleons "Swamp Thing"
Sparklehorse "Dark as a Dungeon"
3-D Invisibles "Zombie Dance"
Dusty Springfield "Spooky"
She & Him "I Put A Spell On You"
Broadcast "Black Cat"
Calla "Slum Creeper"
Beaujolais "All My Exorcisms"
Evangelicals "Skeleton Man"
Fantomas "Rosemary's Baby" (by Request)
Supergrass "Strange Ones"
Pop Will Eat Itself "Candydiosis"
Siouxsie and the Banshees "Peek-A-Boo"
The Specials "Ghost Town"
* The Black Heart Procession "Witching Stone" (New)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playlist for October 14, 2009

I will be in Korea next week (October 21st) and will have a sub cover my show. I will return on the 28th!

CANT "Ghosts"
Wire "Heartbeat"
Thao With the Get Down Stay Down "Bag of Hammers"
Dominant Legs "Young at Love and LIfe"
Can "Bring Me Coffee or Tea"
Julian Lynch "Rancher"
Angus & Julia Stone "Tubthumping"
Spiritualized "You Lie You Cheat"
Nico "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams"
The Sea and Cake "A Fuller Moon"
* The Theater Fire "It's All The Same" New
* Wild Beasts "All the King's Men" New
The Beatles "Strawberry Fields Forever"
Sleepy Sun "New Age"
* Tiny Masters Of Today "Pop Chart" New
Luscious Jackson "Don't Look Back"
Boca Chica "Lake Eerie"
Think about Life "Johanna"
Beach House "You Came To Me"
Fleet Foxes "Heard them Stirring"
* Nurses "Technicolor" New
Woven Bones "If You're Gold, I'm Gone"
The Cramps "I'm Customized"
Magazine "Definitive Gaze"
* The Clean "Are You Really On Drugs?" New
Milktooth "Such Wonderous Light"
Gang of Four "Return the Gift"
Math the Band "Hang Out/Hang Ten"

Playlist for October 7, 2009

Posting this a bit late... sorry! Up to date playlists can always be found at Spinitron.

Elliott Smith "Between the Bars"
Pivot "Colorado"
Pavement "In The Mouth a Desert"
The Clientele "Harvest Time"
* Deer Tick "Smith Hill" New
Sleep Whale "We Were Dripping"
The Ettes "No Home"
Lake "Don't Give Up"
* Piile "Haunt" New
Cat Power "Sea of Love"
Phoenix "Rome (remix)"
* The Slant "Where the Seas are Black" New
* Port O'Brien "In The Meantime" New
Bear in Heaven "Dust Cloud"
* Dirty Projectors "Two Doves" New
Vic Chesnutt "Society Sue"
Freelance Whales "Generator First Floor"
* Pastels "About You" New
The Shaky Hands "Allison and the Ancient Eyes"
The Smiths "Shakespear's Sister"
Acrylics "All of the Fire"
Pugwash "Apples"
* Blitzen Trapper "Silver Moon" New
* Grand Archives "Topsy's Revenge" New
Beirut "The Penalty"
Califone "Funeral Singers"
Madeleine Peyroux "Careless Love"
* Why? "January Twenty Something" New
Tape Deck Mountain "Ghost Colony"
Molina & Johnson "Twenty Cycles to theGround"
* The Mumlers "Coffin Factory" New
Cymbals Eat Guitars "Cold Spring"
Beaujolais "All My Exorcisms"
Little Dragon "Blinking Pigs"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Playlist for 09/30/09

The Bitter Tears "Worthless Sleaze"
Sleeping in the Aviary "Things Look Good"
Louise Attaque "L'Intraquillite"
The Antlers "Two" New
Seu Jorge "Oh You Pretty Things"
She & Him "I Was Made For You"
The Dodos "Fables"
Sondre Lerche "Don't Look Now" New
Mouse on Mars "Download Softist"
Why? "This Blackest Purse" New
Rain Machine "Smiling Black Faces" New
Yo La Tengo "By Two's" New
Imogen Heap "Aha!" New
Saint Etienne "Avenue"
The Jesus & Mary Chain "Sowing Seeds"
Sebastian Clark & Normandie Wilson "Friends & Lovesr" New
Camera Obscura "Other Towns and Cities"
Orange Juice "Falling and Laughing"
Wussom*Pow! "Twenty Four"
The Knife "Pass This On"
Santogold "Anne"
Salem "Frost"
Gary Numan "M.E."
The Phenomenal Handclap Band "15 to 20" New
Cansei de Ser Sexy "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above"
Annie "Chewing Gum"
Adult "Nite Life"
Yppah "Playing with Fireworks" New
UUVVWWZ "Hum Jam" New

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Same time, same place

With every new academic quarter at UCSB, KCSB's weekly schedule also changes. Thankfully, I will continue to host "Between the Bars" on Wednesday nights from 10pm-midnight. It's a great slot!

I will be subbing for D & Z's "Reeling and Rocking" Saturday October 10th from 6pm-8pm.

As always, tune into KCSB.ORG or 91.9fm. Thanks for listening!