Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playlist for February 9, 2011

I was lazy this week, so you got a "Two for Tuesday."  On a Wednesday.

 Metric "Combat Baby" from "Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?" (2003)
 Metric "Stadium Love" from "Fantasies" (2009)
 The Flaming Lips "Flight Test" from "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" (2002)
 The Flaming Lips "The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine" from "Embryonic" (2010)
*Destroyer "Chinatown" from "Kaputt" (2010) New
 Destroyer "New Ways of Living" from "Notorious Lightning and Other Works" (2005)

 Spoon "The Way We Get By" from "Kill the Moonlight" (2002)
 Spoon "Trouble Comes Running" from "Transference" (2010)
 The Thermals "It's Trivia" from "More parts per million" (2003)
 The Thermals "Never Listen to Me" from "Personal Life" (2010)
*Mogwai "Letters to the Metro" from "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will" (2011) New
 Mogwai "Katrien" from "Young Team" (1997)
 Blonde Redhead "Missile" from "In an Expression of the Inexpressible" (1998)
 Blonde Redhead "Penny Sparkle" from "Penny Sparkle" (2010)
 Black Moth Super Rainbow "Colorful Nickels" from "Falling Through A Field" (2003)
 Black Moth Super Rainbow "Twin of Myself" from "Eating Us" (2009)
 Gorillaz "Kids With Guns" from "Demon Days" (2005)
 Gorillaz "On Melancholoy Hill" from "Plastic Beach" (2010)
 Beck "Broken Train" from "Midnite Vultures" (1999)
 Beck "Orphans" from "Modern Guilt" (2008)
*Tapes 'n Tapes "Mighty Long" from "Outside" (2011) New
 Tapes 'n Tapes "The Illiad" from "The Loon" (2006)

 The Magnetic Fields "A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off" from "69 Love Songs (Box Set)" (1999)
 The Magnetic Fields "You Must Be Out of Your Mind" from "Realism" (2010)
 The Apples In Stereo "Do You Understand?" from "Velocity of Sound" (2002)
 The Apples In Stereo "Dignified Dignitary" from "Travellers In Space and Time" (2010)
 The New Pornagraphers "These Are the Fables" from "Twin Cinema" (2005)
 The New Pornographers "Your Hands (Together)" from "Together" (2010)
 The Arcade Fire "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" from "Funeral" (2004)
 The Arcade Fire "The Suburbs" from "The Suburbs"
 The Walkmen "Wake Up" from "Wake Up - EP" (2001)
*The Walkmen "Juveniles" from "Lisbon" (2010) New

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