Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playlist for January 3, 2011

 Portastatic "I Wanna Know Girls"
 Mirah "Advisory Committee"
 Oh No! Oh My! "Reeks and Seeks"
 Gossip "Eyes Open"
 A Sunny Day In Glasgow "Canalfish"
 Sufjan Stevens "I Walked" New
 Memory Tapes "Bicycle"
 RJD2 "Ring Finger"
 Blueprint "Radio-Inactive"
 Suuns "Armed for Peace" New
 Tracy + The Plastics "What You Still Want"
 Autolux "Audience No. 2"
 Women "Locust Valley" New
 No Age "Chem Trails"
 Bikini Kill "Rebel Girl"
 Fog "Glory"
 The 6Ths "Aging Spinsters"
 Ratatat "Bare Feast"
 Bright Eyes "Coat Check Dream Song"
 The Walkmen "Blue As Your Blood" New
 Scissor Sisters "Everybody Wants The Same Thing"
 Yacht "It's Boring/ You Can Live Anywhere You Want"
 Raveonettes "Bang!"
 Violens "The Dawn Of Your Happiness Is Rising" New
 Real Estate "Let's Rock The Beach"
 The Mumlers "Red River Hustle"
 Moondoggies "It's a Shame, It's a Pity"
 Jonathan Richman "Twilight In Boston"
 Mia Doi Todd "Autumn"
 Slim Harpo "I Got Love If You Want It"
 Mice Parade "Couches and Carpets" New

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