Monday, January 11, 2010

Playlist for January 6, 2010

Played the entire show off of cds instead of my laptop. Felt so old-school!

* Built To Spill "Hindsight" from "There is No Enemy" New
The Starlight Mints "Coffins R Us" from "Change Remains"
Destroyer "Rubies" from "Destroyer's Rubies"
* Vic Chesnutt "Society Sue" from "Skitter on Take Off" New
The Appleseed Cast "Mountain Halo" from "Peregrine"
The Dismemberment Plan "Survey Says" from "!"
The Vue "Photos of Myself" from "Photos of Myself"
* Thao With the Get Down Stay Down "Cool Yoursef" from "Know Better Learn Faster" New
The Walkmen "Wake Up" from "The Walkmen"
* Sondre Lerche "Pioneer" from "Heartbeat Radio" New
Bright Eyes "I'll Be Your Friend" from "One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels"
Bright Eyes "Get Back" from "One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels"
Billy Bragg "Ontario, Quebec and Me" from "Live City Sounds"
* Kings of Convenience "Freedom and Its Owner" from "Declaration Of Dependence" New
* Noah and The Whale "Slow Glass" from "The First Days Of Spring" New
Mike Doughty "The Only Answer" from "Skittish"
* Port O'Brien "Oslo Campfire" from "Threadbare" New
Suede "Savoir Faire" from "Head Music"
* Mason Jennings "SIng Out" from "Blood of Man" New
The Decemberists "The Mariner's Revenge Song" from "Picaresque"
Devotchka "How it Ends" from "How it Ends"
Man Man "Doo Right" from "Rabbit Habits"
* Tom Waits "Lucinda- Ain't Goin Down" from "Glitter & Doom Live" New
Elf Power "Rising and Falling in a LIttle World" from "A Dream in Sound"
Dr. Dog "The World May Never Know" from "Easy Beat"
* Polvo "DC Trails" from "In Prism" New
Lilys "You're Getting Closer" from "Precollection"
The Books "That Right Ain't Shit" from "That Right Ain't Shit"
The Dead Weather "New Pony" from "Horehound"

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