Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playlist for 01/26/09

Tonight's Theme: Selected tracks from Pitchfork Media's top 500 tracks of all time.

Elvis Costello - Radio, Radio
Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks
Devo - Mongoloid
Bjork - Hyper-Ballad
The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?
Spoon - The Way We Get By
The Books - Take Time
Wolf Parade - I'll Believe In Anything
R.E.M. - So. Central Rain
Wilco - Via Chicago
Elastica - Stutter
The Clash - Guns of Brixton
The Decemberists - Here I Dreamt I was An Architect
Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood (top album of 2008)

Oh, and I got my first prank call during my show tonight. Kids these days!

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